Ryan Tipps CYA ’99
Class Agents

Email: ryan.tipps@d3sports.com
CYA Class Agent Year/Program : 1999
College Attended: Wabash College
Major: Classical Studies

Favorite class you took at CYA?

Ancient Greek Sculpture with Anne Stewart! She is an amazing instructor, and the dexiosis (handshake) symbolism I learned about in her class laid the foundation for my senior thesis on that topic back at my home college.

Mr. Ryan Tipps, how did your study abroad experience with CYA contribute to your personal, academics and professional development?

My time at CYA did more to nurture my curiosity in the world and the people around me than anything else I've experienced. Every outing brought a new and amazing sense of wonder to my life - it helped me gain more perspectives of the cultures and communities I have interacted with ever since.

What is your favorite memory of Athens?

The first time my Acropolis architecture class got to walk inside the Parthenon and stand next to the columns and marble blocks that make up such an iconic building. It's something most people never get to experience, and the historical sense of place has never felt so real as it did at that moment.

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