Summer Sessions

Soak up summer in Greece

Students interested in short-term, intensive study abroad are invited to take advantage of our summer program, which offers unique, experience-based opportunities for learning.

Summer is an exceptional time to study in Greece with a choice of unique CYA courses tailored to combine academics with authentic experiences, taking advantage of the sun, the sea and the vibrant summer culture from Athens to the surrounding islands. Explore Greece’s rich history, get involved in archaeological excavations, and delve into the anthropology of food, and so much more, this summer at CYA. Courses are offered over two consecutive 4-week sessions that run between the end of May and the end of July.

Each 4-week course/session consists of 60 contact hours.

CYA summer course schedule is intensive, with morning and afternoon sessions.  Most courses require that students walk outdoors for several hours, especially during field study. This may include some uphill walking at a steep incline. There may be dirt or cobblestone paths and/or uneven terrain throughout these walks in major cities or within traditional settlements and at archaeological sites. Students should expect to be outdoors and in the sun for several hours every day and should take into account the summer weather conditions in Greece, when midday temperatures could be in the 80’s or even 90’s.


Wondering what it’s like to live and study in Greece in the summer?
Watch this captivating video by CYAer Luke Albert (summer ’18)!

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