Semester Payment Schedule

A confirmation deposit of $600 is due four weeks after the date of acceptance. For candidates whose applications are received after May 1 (for fall) / October 15 (for spring), this deposit will be due upon acceptance.

The balance of total fees is due as follows:

Fall Semester: July 1
Spring Semester:  November 15

Checks should be in US dollars and made payable to College Year in Athens, Inc. For questions on any matters concerning finances, please contact the Bursar at

Semester Refund Policy

See Amendment of Refund Policy for Spring 2022 Semester at the end of this section

We make commitments to our faculty and staff, and rent apartments for student housing in advance of each semester based on the number of students who have indicated an intent to enroll. When students withdraw shortly before or during a semester, they leave vacancies that cannot be filled. The following rules concerning refunds protect CYA from losses when students withdraw. These same rules about deadlines, financial commitments, and refunds apply even if a home institution undertakes to handle the payments itself.

(In the case where the home institution pays all fees, students are sent a letter of commitment instead of an invoice. Students are requested to sign and return this letter within four weeks of receipt; this acknowledges the commitment and permits CYA to invoice the home institution.)

$600 Confirmation Deposit:

$500 is refundable if notice of withdrawal is received by:
Fall Semester:  May 1
Spring Semester:  October 15
The entire $600.00 is non-refundable if notice of withdrawal is given after the May 1 and October 15 deadlines.

Semester Fees

A refund of 80% will be given for withdrawal between:
Fall Semester:  July 1 & August 15
Spring Semester:  November 15 & January 2

A refund of 50% will be given for withdrawal between:
Fall Semester: August 16 to the official arrival date in Athens
Spring Semester: January 3 to the official arrival date in Athens

If a student who has been accepted for the full year notifies the President in writing by November 15th of his/her intention not to remain for the second semester, the payment due on that date will be excused. A full-year student who withdraws after that date but before the second semester classes begin, will be given a refund of 80% or 50% of the November 15th payment according to the schedule above.

Students who withdraw on or after the official arrival date in Athens will receive refunds according to the following schedule:
Tuition: 20% during the first two weeks. No refunds thereafter.
Room: No refund.
Board: Pro-rated

Alternative payment plans

Payment of semester fees at different dates (e.g., after the arrival of loan checks or through the AMS extended payment plan) does not affect the amount of the financial commitment to College Year in Athens.


The amount of refund which a student will receive is based on the total of cash payments, including debt incurred, made by the student and/or the student’s home institution. Scholarships given by College Year in Athens are attributed to tuition costs and are not included in the base for refunds.

A student who is requested to withdraw from College Year in Athens because of disciplinary action for personal and/or academic behavior will not receive any refund.

Amendment of Refund Policy for Spring 2022 due to COVID-19

Due to the continuing uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, CYA has extended the amendment of its Cancellation and Refund Policy to include Spring 2022 semester as follows:

In the event that a student withdraws from, or CYA cancels, the Spring 2022 program prior to the program’s Arrival Date, CYA will refund 100% of all monies received including the $600 non-refundable deposit.