Budding Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Urbanists, Welcome!

We invite students enrolled in CYA’s spring semester who have a serious interest in Archaeology or in Anthropology/Sociology/Urbanism to come to Athens three weeks before the start of the semester to participate in one of our 3-week long Winter courses. The course will appear on your transcript as a winter intersession course.

1. Excavations at Aixonidai Halai – Voula Field School

Students who participate in the excavation present their findings at an open assembly during the following spring semester.

2. Anthropology of the City – Exploring Modern Athens


Three weeks before the start of spring semester. The 2022 dates are: January 3 – January 21, 2022. Students should plan to arrive in Athens by 3:00 p.m. on January 3.  An Orientation session will take place the same evening.

Fees & Application

For students enrolled at CYA for the Spring Semester, participation in a three-week winter course requires the payment of a tuition fee, while housing in CYA apartments for the additional time in Athens is complimentary.

To apply, please contact the Registrar, Maria Tsahas, at registrar@dikemes.edu.gr as soon as possible. Space is limited and will be assigned in the order that payment is received.