CYA Faculty Nikos Tsivikis

Nikos Tsivikis

  • PhD (U of Crete)
  • Architecture (ARCT)
  • Art History (ARTH)


Nikos Tsivikis is a byzantine archaeologist and art historian, educated at the University of Crete. He is currently a visiting research fellow at the Academy of Athens. He is a senior member of the Ancient Messene Excavation and Restorations Project in Greece since 2005.

At the same time, he is leading the Amorium Urban Survey Project in Asia Minor, Turkey, a project hosted by the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (Rethymno, Greece). He has held fellowships, worked and taught in many institutions across the Atlantic: in the USA (Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University; Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University; Princeton University; Medieval Academy of America; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; California State University at Sacramento), Germany (Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Mainz), Greece (University of the Peloponnese; University of Athens) and Turkey (Koç University).
He is specialized in the evolution of Byzantine cities, focusing on social relationships as expressed in the built and unbuilt environment. He has worked in many excavations and published papers on Byzantine architecture, sculpture, epigraphy and metalwork in English, Greek and Turkish.