Demetris Kamaras is a journalism professor and journalist, primarily online. Political analyst and communications specialist. Previous studies in economics (BA), communications policy (MA) and journalism (PhD), mostly in London. Born in Hove, Brighton. Lives in Athens, Greece. Blogs when necessary.

Founded and runs (Private Information Network) and (Greece). Occasional articles of friends are published on

Interested in political communication, next-gen web apps, digital R&D, internet ethics and social networks. He taught journalism and communication at University of Indianapolis Athens (1999-2013). Published numerous analyses and op-eds, online and in print and his first book was titled: Digital Communication (Zenon Publications, London, 2000 – co-authorship). Recent publications: Crisis Talk: Greece (2012, iBook); Elections and the Internet, Digerati Publications (Athens, 2014); Crisis Talk: Greece part2 (2015, iBook). []