The Natural Environment of Greece: From Landscape Ecology to Conservation

A unique review of the natural world and wildlife of Greece through an exploration of its lands and seas with reference to humankind’s effects on the environment through the ages. The course uses a multidisciplinary approach to study physical and human geography, biodiversity, and historical ecology. Through a succession of guided excursions in and around Athens, students will be able to interpret landscape features and processes and develop skills in identifying the region’s rich flora and fauna. Interpreting natural history will promote a better awareness of the environment and current conservation problems in Modern Greece.

Learning to observe nature. How much can you observe? Are you tuned into nature? Observing, listening, taking notes – opening your eyes to nature. The first field trip of the semester asks students to open their eyes to nature. By the end of the semester they are ready to debate on policy priorities based on Greek and EU legislation.

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