Aegean Prehistory: The Rise & Fall of the Bronze Age Cultures

This course provides an exploration of the Aegean prehistory from the Neolithic times up to the beginning of the Iron Age, focusing primarily on the Bronze Age cultures that flourished in the region. The archaeology of the islands and the mainland will be placed within the greater Eastern Mediterranean cultural sphere in order to achieve an in-depth survey of the various aspects of political, artistic, technological, religious, administrative and social dynamics of the Bronze Age people.

Students will be introduced to theoretical and interpretative methodologies, current debates as well as old and modern approaches of studying the available corpus of archaeological data. At the same time, the results of new and on-going research projects and excavations will be discussed offering a fresh look on the large number of sites in the areas of interest. Finally the students will be able to experience site and museum visits as well as hands-on activities in order to study closely the construction, function, circulation and consumption of the abundant material culture of the Aegean Bronze Age.

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